Emissions Control Systems

GT Emissions Systems are global manufacturers of exhaust gas control systems that positively contribute to On and Off Highway diesel engine manufacturers’ emissions strategies. 

With a well proven track record for EGR valves, Exhaust Brakes and Thermal Management valves GT Emissions Systems products are operational on Euro 6, Euro 5, Euro 4 and Tier 4 Final engines, with EPA 10 emissions control valves are also available.

Waste Heat Recovery Valves are a key new addition to the GT Emissions Systems range providing customers with solutions for their future engine strategies.
Customer Benefits:-

Proven Products
with over 2 Million valves in the field you can be assured of quality and reliability. The GT range includes, Euro 6, Euro 5, Tier 4 Final and EPA 10 compliant valves. 
 Emissions Experience Hotside EGR valves, Thermal Management Valves and Exhaust Brakes now operating on Euro 6; Euro 5, Tier 4 Final diesel engines and EPA 10 valves are available.
Engine Capacity Experience - 4Ltr. to 16Ltr. 
Quality & Environmental Accreditations - TS 16949; ISO 14001. 
Rapid Prototyping providing fast turn around of prototype samples, a 48 hour turnaround for rapid prototypes is available. 
In House Validation
programmes developed with our customers and carried out on the latest technology testing equipment. 
Strong Customer Relationships with designers, project engineers and procurement specialists 
Environmental Emissions Solutions well proven technology that works.

GT's Emissions manufacture a wide range of exhaust gas control valves:-

Exhaust Brakes 
EGR Valves (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves)
Hotside EGR Valves 
Coldside EGR Valves 
EGR Bypass Valves
Waste Heat Recovery Valves                                                                               
Thermal Management Valves
Thermal Management Valves with pneumatic actuators 
Thermal Management Valves with pneumatic actuators and positional sensor 
Air Throttle Valves with direct drive electronic actuators 
Pneumatic Actuators for arduous service duty and high under bonnet temperatures 
Check Valves 
Smart Electronic Actuator Systems (CAN bus and PWM %) for EGR valves control 
Smart Electronic Actuator Systems (CAN bus and PWM %) for Exhaust Brakes control 
Bespoke valves for flow control systems

GT EGR Flap Valves provide precise control of exhaust gas flow and are supplied in either electric of pneumatic actuation systems
GT's EGR flap valves - a cost effective solutions for OEM diesel engine emissions control strategies to meet stringent Euro 6, Tier 4 Final and EPA 2010 regulation

Currently operational on both On-Highway and Off-Highway applications the GT EGR Flap Valves have passed rigorous engine testing programmes, both on engine test bed and on field tests over many years

Contact GT Group today and let us help with your emissions control strategies